“The power of light cannot be known fully until it’s surrounded by darkness”
I picked up this quote in the lyrics of a Yoruba song i listened to a while ago, it explains the usefulness of darkness in the exhibition of the power of light in a person’s life.
This song brought hope to me at a point where my life seemed to be enveloped in darkness. After this song I prayed for my light and by GOD’S grace my prayer was answered.
     This is just a bit of my life story but follow me to another story in “Matt 4:16”
Matt 4: 16: The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death, light is spring up.
This was a continuation (matt 4:14-16), of a prophecy through esais the prophet about the evangelism work that would be done by Jesus to the gentiles in Galilee; and in the continuing part of the chapter, Jesus preached to them at Galilee from where he also selected his disciples.

GOD’S instruction in matt28:18-20 and mark 16:15-20 is that the message of hope and comfort, the good news be preached to every creature no matter their colour, nationality, tribe, language. The good news should not be limited to any part of this world or to any congregation.
The people in the world, the bible term “live in darkness” are the only means by which the light in us (Christians) can be made manifest. They are the source of our power as disciples of GOD.
So my mission through this post is to make a wakeup call to disciples of the holy GOD to come out of their hiding place, leave their boundaries and go out to this field ready for harvest and harvest souls into the kingdom of GOD. Go out brethren and don’t limit your message to one part of your ready-made audience. Go in the might of GOD and win souls for Jesus. Amen.


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  1. zulu777 says:

    I absolutely agree with your words. I would just to add that in order for the people of God to come out of their hiding place, they must first come out of their comfort zones. Nearly everyone, even members of the body of Christ, seem to be only concerned with their own little corner of the world.


    1. Wandy Sax says:

      Yes. Their hiding place includes their comfort zones


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