Strive to be Called and Chosen

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Matt 22:14.. For many are called but few are chosen.
Matt 20:16b.. For many be called, but few chosen.

To be called means to be Invited, Summoned. In this post the invitation and summoning is by God.
Being called by God is a great grace that some don’t have. While some have but did not yield to the call. My advice when I teach workers In Gods vineyard is that they should know what God has called them to do, so they would not work amiss.
To be called is different from being chosen, from findings that I made to be called is to be invited by God to a particular office while to be chosen is to be separated and appointed by God to the most exalted office conceivable. To be called is to on office position while to be chosen is to a ministry position. So from the definition to be chosen is greater than to be called.
Although being called is great but being chosen is greater and needs a greater grace, my prayer is after this post may you and i receive that grace. Amen.
There are certain qualities that make being called alone not okay for me because you can be both called and chosen; called first and then praying to God to be chosen.
And those qualities are
1. Calling has a bit of boundary while chosen has no boundary I.e assuming you are called to the choir office u can sing for God (good) but u are bound to the particular church where your calling was made, you can’t just wake up one day and chose to wear your choir uniform and go to just any Church or venue and say you want to sing with their choir. You would not be allowed because although you are called you were not called in that particular church or office. That is a bit of boundary but when your choir is chosen to The choir ministry you can all go and minister in any church and you would be accepted because everyone knows that is your calling and your ministry. an example is the Soweto gospel choir, Brooklyn tabernacle choir. So there are no boundaries in being chosen.
2. Calling is not specific but chosen is specific the bible says come unto me all you that labour and are…. Matt11:28 this is a calling and it is general, to everyone, it is not specific. but being chosen is directed at a particular person or group e.g the twelve disciples they were all specifically chosen to follow Jesus.
So all this qualities and others are what from my understanding makes being called and chosen greater than being called only. Also the bible says in romans 1:1 that paul the apostle my mentor was called and separated (chosen).
So that has made me decide I would pray to God to chose me for his work. And I want you to join me as we pray for a greater grace of being chosen.


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  1. Thanks for this blog post. This should be everyone priority. Keep up the good work. Please feel free to re-share your blog posts at Godinterest Dot Com. God Bless Your Ministry.


  2. ayinke says:

    Nice one bro. Keep the good work up (y)


    1. Wandy Sax says:

      Thanks ayinkisu


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