Praise GOD for a new post. be blessed as you read.
So our test would be taken from Luke 18:14…

Luke 18:14: I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other: for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.

I advice that you read this passages (from verse nine (9)). It is a narration of a parable spoken by Jesus to his disciples; verse 14 is the roundup of the parable.

What Does It Mean To Receive Justification After Prayer To God?
Justification after prayer is the best and the right feeling that one should feel after offering prayers to GOD. It is a feeling of assurance that one’s prayer has been heard. It is a feeling I advice everyone to crave for. Why? Because if after praying you feel justified. It keeps you from wavering in doubt (a seed sown into a person before and after prayers by you know who). So being justified after prayers wards off every deposit of doubt and fear thus paving a clear path for answer to prayers.
Often times I have heard my friends and people say I have been praying over this issue for a long time, I am no more praying again; when I ask why they say my prayers are not getting answered and I ask; After you prayed did you receive justification?. What I tell them is GOD does not store prayers, he answers prayers and he answers speedily so if you have not received answer to your prayers it is either the time is not yet (GODS decision) or you did not pray right; and if you did not pray right you would not get that feeling of justification after prayer like the Pharisee in this parable.

So How Do I Get Justified After Prayers To GOD?
There are different ways by which one can receive justification after offering prayers to GOD e.g. praying with faith, praying with the word of GOD, praying with humility etc. but in this post I would be stressing on humility.
Sometimes the missing factor which does not bring about justification is not praying with humility. Praying with humility involves invoking the mercies of GOD in every sentence and words of our prayer i.e. in every words and sentence of our prayers. Just like the publican we say GOD be merciful unto me and answer this particular prayer. When we pray like this, we are saying GOD you said you are a merciful GOD, prove your word and be merciful to my prayers.
Praying in this form puts GOD in his place in our prayers and because he said he exalts his word above his name. He would breathe his breathe of justification to us and that aligns our prayers in the right path. Amen.
Justification by humility also comes in this form, by telling GOD we are sinners and we are not worthy of his answers. Saying this doesn’t mean we cannot receive answers to our prayer but it is an evidence of surrender to GODS mercy and when GOD hears a prayer in this form; just like the publican we receive justification and this helps us to maintain our faith in GOD for answer to prayers.
So please reader, that particular prayer you accepted would not be answered because of the long time you have spent praying. Pray it again; but this time with humility as explained above. By his grace I assure you of speedy answers. Amen. 


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