Been long I posted a write up (although the series Daily photo quotes still continues by God’s grace), and it is mainly because of my exams; but thanks be to GOD I am rounding up. Read this and learn from it.

     I am in love with sea adventures, movies or any material that contain a bit of sea adventure in it. To mention a few, pirates of the Caribbean, treasure island etc. I am sure you might have come across one of this movies. I love them. I am so in love with sea adventures (movies) that I have trained my senses to notice every happenings around the main casts.
One material I encounter often while sailing through my noticing journey is a very tangible material known as Map. And if I may ask what is the usefulness of a map? Your answer will definitely be to get directions. Yes you got it right. So for most journeys and travelling’s, a map is a must have item.
Our life’s journey also needs a map, a directive material that assures us we are not going to get lost, it would indicate when to turn left or right, whether to move forward or to drop anchor and stop for a while, a material that would help us maintain our course in our Christian journey.
So like a captain of a ship; with my thoughts, prayer, inquiring spirit, Gods given wisdom and understanding as crews, I set out to get that valuable material (the golden map). In my quest I made inquiries from travellers I met and they gave me different answers and suggestions. Some were helpful, some not helpful, some never even had the idea that such book exists.
     After spending several months on this voyage, I finally found the answer to my question; do you know any book with this qualities which I have explained I asked a traveller? Yes he answered, I know a book like that. What is its name and who is the author I asked simultaneously and he replied, the name of the book is THE BIBLE and the author they say is GOD himself, thank you sir I said, don’t mention he replied
Finally I had a name, now my questions and findings would be centered at THE BIBLE.

To be continued…


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