After searching again for a while, my lucky day came. I came to an inn to rest for the night and there stood a tall man with white beards addressing the people present in the inn at that time. After talking for a while he would quote words from a book which I got to know was the same bible I was looking for.
I had only sat at my table for few minutes before he started pointing to the great book in his hands. The content of this book, if practiced well will direct your path, if practiced well will lead your way in life’s journey. Is this THE BIBLE I shouted as I ran towards him? Yes he replied; this is the BIBLE this is the map everyone needs in life’s journey; in it is written the very words of GOD, and with this words you would have liberty, joy, peace, victory and more in this world.
As he said this I could not hide my joy at finally finding this book that kept me on a voyage that seemed endless. After giving more lovely attributes of the BIBLE he stopped and asked the earnest congregation around him if anyone wanted a copy of this book. Oh how happy I was, owning a copy of the bible for free.
Finally I had that map I needed, to be on the right track with GOD and truly within weeks of applying the content of this book, I was soon back on track with GOD. 
This is a map I recommend for anyone and everyone, get a Bible today. Apply the words to your life and I promise you would have testimonies.


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