Photography As A Tool For Empowerment….

Photography As A Tool For Empowerment….
1. The major way Photography has empowered me is as an Artist.
i have always wanted to know how to draw, back then in secondary school, i had sit with my friends who can draw and sometimes tip them with gala for them to teach me but after a while i gave up, it was just not my calling. but when i found photography i found the best way for me to express myself as an artist and this is visible in some of my landscape,nature and cityscape pictures. i still have a long way to go but i am happy i have reached this level.. This is one of the points i gave while discussing with Caleb University Mass Communication Students on Photography As A Tool For Empowerment
 Now more points!!!
2. Photography has empowered my vision:-
Yes. my vision. before i found photography, i would just go through beautiful lines, shapes, textures, art without seeing them, to me they were just normal things. but with or without a camera in my hand while taking normal day to day walks, i now see art in nature, i see leading lines, i see beautiful shapes, i see orientation, i see perspective. photography made this happen.
3. Photography has empowered my interacting ability.
  Yes. i suck at interacting with people before i met photography, i had few friends, i was antisocial, i was a nerd, i cant start any conversation or keep up with a conversation until i started doing portrait photography, portrait photography demands that you communicate well with your subject so as i grew deep into portrait photography i discovered that i was now better at interacting with people. i can walk up to any stranger, talk to them and even take picture of them because of photography

I have more points but i want to go  and sleep… lets continue tomorrow.

signing out!!!!


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  1. O.A.Jet says:

    Naso! Greater heights in all aspects In Jesus Name!


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