Kemi + Olumide #KEMOLU2017 PART 1

Hello there, are you still here, wake up, lol… i am sorry for taking so loooooong to write on this blog.. its really been a while. how are you all doing.. so i am back with a new post. and as you all know i am a wedding photographer now.. how i translated from landscape photography to wedding photography is another story to be told soon..

kemi + olumide…..

Yes, this is one couple i would love to photograph anyday and anytime, their chemistry is awesome, and oh kemi is so beautiful.. Mr olumide is so lucky to have her as his own..  Their traditional wedding took place in the beautiful town of Olodo Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.. and i have some few picture to tell the story of how beautiful the wedding was.. Thank you for liking and sharing..



prepping for the bride.. and few details.. stay tuned


Mr Olumide is such an handsome man…

program starts…..



go and bring my wife for me… lool..


carry me in your arms…



… thank you for trusting Esan Harris Photography..

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  1. Adeolu says:

    This is lovely


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