Bridal Inspiration Shoot // Oluchi

yaay.. Another blog post..

Being a wedding photographer is so tasking, you might not have time for yourself, the whole process of planning, shooting pre-wedding, shooting the wedding, editing, packaging, and delivering can so take all your time that combining with blogging to some is impossible. but for me whenever i get  free time, what comes in my mind is blogging..

One of the ways to drive inspiration on how the wedding day would be as a wedding photographer, is by shooting bridal inspirations, and this involves working with a good make up artist, a good hair stylist, a bridal gown designer, and  wedding accessories designer.

while the whole process of beautifying the model is going on, take your time and observe what angles you should be standing so you re not disrupting their flow, and you can take candid pictures of the model, while you are doing this you are training your photography eye; which would come out useful on the wedding day..

so to this blog post.. is about a bridal inspiration shoot i and my team did a while back, around the time i did the traditional inspired shoot with dara.. check it TRADITIONAL BRIDE INSPIRED SHOOT WITH DARA

TEAM: makeup by Ibitee makeovers Model: Oluchi  Photography Esan Harris

here are images you would love..



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  1. Wonderful Perspectives #AyonmanApproves


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