Birthday Shoot Of Eniola..

yaaay. Happy Birthday Eniola.. The queen of magboro, the queen of facebook, happy birthday girl…  Revenge Harris as she would always call me, the revenge part of the name is the interpretation of my surname.. i dont understand why my grandparents were so die hard about revenging that they made it a generational name..

Eniola is beautiful, very friendly, and most of all funny, the few times we have spent with each other, i have seen and learnt a lot from her.. sometimes i wish……. but my mind cant contain again..

About this shoot, i swear i should have charged her millions for this photoshoot, this is the first shoot i have done, that would spread so fast within two days and i would see everywhere. ahannn.. see people reposting, changing dps likee..  never knew she was this popular, she shut facebook down.. even mark zugabag (thats how i call his name) had to change his profile picture to eniolas pictire.. what happinn.. i must goan collect my balance sef..

Anyways.. these are the pictures.. Enjoy and share..

Makeup by Ibitee Makeovers Eniola Eniola Photography Esan Harris



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  1. This Pictures ARe Clean…. Great Work EH


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