I know right, why this title. lol, its to show the degree of the awesomeness of The Royal Family Drama Night. Epic.. Epic… Epicccc.. WOW…

The story started when i finished from a wedding job, and rushed my way from yaba, Lagos, to Ikorodu Lagos. within an hour. i could not bear missing any part of this drama night.

Royal Family, the drama group i was part of while in university were having their drama night. i rushed in to meet the final and the most anticipated drama, but as i sat to rest a bit i felt so weak, i thought i would just watch and enjoy the drama, i was so stressed. but strangely, i just began to feel refreshed from nowhere, i grabbed my camera gear, and started making history..

I missed a lot from the other drama scheduled for earlier that evening, but this one i witnessed blew my mind, from manipulating  our minds using the screen projector to show a movie which was part of the drama and switching back and forth with the stage play.. and the storyline.. Epic…

check out pictures below…. please like and share..



5 Comments Add yours

  1. OMG, this is so nice! The nostalgia is so real. It’s so glad to see that “The Royal Family” is still going strong. Thanks so much for capturing these great and happy moments. God bless you, more grace and strength in Jesus name, Amen.


    1. thank you so much dear.. amen. God bless you too


  2. Bayonle says:

    This is good,More grace king Harris and GOD BLESS.
    They are really beautiful pixs, I LOVE THE ROYAL FAMILY


    1. thank you king.. amen sir.. God bless u sir


  3. Great Work… Bless Up Royal Family… EH always a Boss with the Camera…. #AyonmanSaysSO


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